Where Do I Come From

Storysound Records - The newly recorded christmas song, 'christmas Love, ' was not written in time to make it onto We Three Kings, the Roches beloved Christmas recording. Where do i come from is a 32 track 2cd set of maggie's songs, spanning her entire music career from her 1979 duo album with her sister Terre, through the Roches 2007 reunion record.

Where do i come from is a collection of songs by Maggie Roche 1951-2017 that spans forty years, providing a glimpse into one of our most original American songwriters. Her family, in loving memory, sings 'Christmas Love' for this collection. Shrink-wrapped. Down the dream, ' a live studio track, was recorded after word that Columbia Records had doubts about the progress Maggie and Terre were making in their recording sessions.

Where Do I Come From - Critics and fans alike are applauding the release of the posthumous album, Where Do I Come From, Selected Songs by Maggie Roche 1951-2017, out now. The collection, also features 4 previously unreleased recordings: 'Stayin' Home, which has been compiled in close collaboration with Suzzy, ' an early song provides a snapshot of a young feisty Maggie as she ventures out into the world.

Another version of the song wound up on Seductive Reasoning, but this demo is classic, unedited Maggie Roche. The collection offers a immersive and poignant look at one of our most original American songwriters. Where do i come from, ' the title track, was found among Maggie's things after her death and is most likely the last song she wrote.

Maggie composed her songs for three voices to sing, fashioning the signature sound of The Roches.

She Remembers Everything

Blue Note - Those who listened to recordings and live shows in subsequent years—which have included residencies at the San Francisco Jazz Center, Carnegie Hall, and the Library of Congress—will likewise find the literary voice that has framed her more recent music. Familiar yet alien, cash's take on being a woman in the world reveals just how much has gone awry.

Closing out the four decades Cash has spent as a recording artist, She Remembers Everything contains echoes of nearly all her previous styles. The follow-up to cash’s 2014 release the river & the thread, recipient of 3 Grammys including Best Americana Album, the album offers shimmering pop—with hints of twang and jazz—that could find a home in almost any year of postwar American music.

She Remembers Everything - Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Dreams still beckon in a damaged world, and Rosanne Cash renders them with fierce grace on She Remembers Everything, a studio recording arriving November 2 from Blue Note Records. Cash's time focused on roots music also lends a classic form to her songwriting that makes it universal and timeless.

But the luminescence and bright production are shot through with a darker vision, minor chords, trenchant vocals, and bent notes that destabilize the landscape. Listeners familiar with "Seven Year Ache" or Interiors will recognize the knowing ache of this record.

Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration

Decca - Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Featured performers include brandi carlile; glen hansard; emmylou harris; norah Jones; Chaka Khan; Diana Krall; Kris Kristofferson; Los Loboswith La Marisoul, Cesar Castro & Xochi Flores; Graham Nash; Seal; James Taylor; and Rufus Wainwright. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything.

. The all-star tribute salutes Mitchell as a boundary-breaking artist highlighting her songs throughout her career. An incredible array of artists and musicians honor one of the world's most revered artists, Joni Mitchell, on her 75th birthday on Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration.

Look Now 2 CDDeluxe Edition

Concord Records - Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Look now' is an outstanding 12-strong addition to his song catalogue. Shrink-wrapped. Recorded in hollywood, british columbia, 'look now' is beautiful in its simplicity, reflective in its lyrical vision, New York City and Vancouver, surrounded by melodies and orchestrations that are nothing short of heavenly.

Most of the titles were written solely by elvis costello although, who makes a guest appearance, 'Don't Look Now' and 'Photographs Can Lie' were co-written with Burt Bacharach, leading The Imposters from the piano for those two ballads. It's the first album costello has made with the imposters since the 2008 release of 'Momofuku' and his first new album since the acclaimed 2013 Roots collaboration, 'Wise Up Ghost'.

Look Now 2 CDDeluxe Edition - The album was co-produced by elvis and sebastian Krys - the Latin Grammy Producer of the Year for 2007 and 2015, whose love and understanding of music spans both hemispheres.

Ode To Joy

dBpm Records - Shrink-wrapped. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Ode to joy - the 11th studio album from the pioneering Chicago rock band Wilco - will be released Oct. 4 via dBpm Records. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. The album features 11 new songs written and produced by Jeff Tweedy and recorded by Wilco at the bands' own Chicago studio dubbed The Loft.

13 Rivers

New West Records - Each track on the album was recorded in analog, with minimal overdubbing. 13 rivers is a very stripped down, bare-bones recording and according to Thompson the album is a reflection of current events that have happened in his life. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Steely dan records were done there, and The Wall by Pink Floyd was mixed there.

I think this reflects in the immediacy of the stories, and the passion in the songs. 13 rivers features richards regular accompanists, Bobby Eichorn, as well as Thompsons guitar tech, Michael Jerome and Taras Prodaniuk, on second guitar. It used to be called the producers Workshop, and was owned by Liberace, whose ghost is reportedly still hanging around.

13 Rivers - Boulevard is a really funky-looking studio, says Richard, but it sounds great. The album was recorded at Boulevard Recording in Los Angeles, California. We sequenced the weird stuff at the front of the record, and the tracks to grind your soul into submission Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. This has been an intense year for myself and my family, getting older doesnt mean that life gets easier! There are surprises around every bend.

The music is just a mirror to life, but we try to polish that mirror as brightly as possible. It is an album as much about growth as it is about reflection. Sometimes i am speaking directly about events, at other times songs are an imaginative spin on what life throws at you.

More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14

Sony Legacy - The latest chapter in the highly acclaimed bootleg series makes available the pivotal studio recordings made by bob dylan during six extraordinary sessions in 1974--four in New York September 16, Blood On The Tracks The 1 CD configuration of More Blood, 18, 30--that resulted in the artist's 1975 masterpiece, 17, 19 and two in Minneapolis December 27, More Tracks assembles 10 of the most emotionally resonant alternate takes of each of the 10 songs appearing the original Blood On The Tracks plus a previously unreleased version of "Up to Me.

Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Richard thompson- 13 Rivers. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Live In Hollywood

Rhino Records - Richard thompson- 13 Rivers. Rounding out the band was peter asher – Ronstadt’s producer and the concert’s executive producer – who played percussion and sang background. On stage, ” “poor poor pitiful me” and “it’s so easy” – plus an incredible, ronstadt held the packed audience spellbound with powerful renditions of her biggest hits – “Blue Bayou, previously unreleased six-minute jam of her #1 smash, “You’re No Good.

The concert also showcased a trio of top ten hits from ronstadt’s then-current album – Mad Love – with performances of “I Can’t Let Go, ” “How Do I Make You” and “Hurt So Bad. After its release in february 1980, Mad Love would become Ronstadt’s seventh consecutive platinum-selling album.

Live In Hollywood - Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Shrink-wrapped. Live in hollywood features amazing performances from a concert that Ronstadt recorded in 1980 for her acclaimed HBO television special. Recorded on april 24, 1980 at television center studios in Hollywood, and produced by John Boylan, the concert captures Ronstadt at the peak of her reign as America’s most popular female rock singer.

Shrink-wrapped. For live in hollywood, ronstadt selected 12 of her favorite performances from the original concert. In concert, bassist bob glaub, drummer russ kunkel, pedal steel guitarist Dan Dugmore, keyboardist Billy Payne of Little Feat fame, she was joined by an outstanding band that included guitarists Kenny Edwards and Danny Kortchmar, and backing vocalist Wendy Waldman.

Abbey Road Anniversary 3 CD/Blu-ray Super Deluxe

Capitol - Shrink-wrapped. This super deluxe edition of Abbey Road features the new stereo album mix, sourced directly from the original eight-track session tapes. Shrink-wrapped. Richard thompson- 13 Rivers. This is the first time Abbey Road has been remixed and presented with additional session recordings and demos. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration.

To produce the mix, giles was guided by the album’s original stereo mix supervised by his father, George Martin. Abbey road’s super deluxe box set presents 40 tracks – including “the long one” trial edit & mix for the album’s epic Side 2 medley – on three CDs stereo and one Blu-ray disc Dolby Atmos, 96kHz/24 bit high resolution stereo, and 96 kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.

Abbey Road Anniversary 3 CD/Blu-ray Super Deluxe - 1. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Shrink-wrapped. To create abbey Road’s new stereo, 5. 1 surround, and dolby atmos mixes, Martin and Okell worked with an expert team of engineers and audio restoration specialists at Abbey Road Studios. The four discs are housed in a slip-sleeved 12” by 12” 100-page hardbound book with mccartney’s foreword; martin’s introduction; insightful, track-by-track details and session notes, and radio producer Kevin Howlett covering the months preceding The Beatles’ Abbey Road sessions, the cover art and photo shoot, in-depth chapters written by Beatles historian, author, and the album’s reception upon its release; plus an essay by music journalist and author David Hepworth looking at the album’s influence through 50 years.

The gorgeous book is illustrated with rare and previously unpublished photographs, including many taken by Linda McCartney; never before published images of handwritten lyrics, and a George Martin score; Beatles correspondence, recording sheets, sketches, and tape boxes; and reproduced original print ads.

Patty Griffin

PGM B07LDNGMGV - Richard thompson- 13 Rivers. Patty griffin represents an extraordinary new chapter for this incomparable singer-songwriter and immediately stands among the most deeply personal recordings of her remarkable two-decade career. The album -- which follows 2015's grammy award-nominated servant of love -- collects songs written during and in the aftermath of a profound personal crisis, several years in which she battled -- and ultimately defeated -- cancer just as a similar and equally insidious disease metastasized into the American body politic.

Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. Shrink-wrapped. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Yet as always, griffin's power lies in how, as Holly Gleason in the Martha's Vineyard Gazette observed, like very few others, ''her songs seem to freeze life and truth in amber.

Patty Griffin - It's in how griffin can express the strikingly intimate while never making it about herself, all wrapped in sparse arrangements that breathe an incomparable force and import into her songcraft. Patty griffin- Patty Griffin.

Western Stars

Columbia - It's a jewel box of a record. The 13 tracks on western stars encompass a sweeping range of American themes, of highways and desert spaces, of isolation and community and the permanence of home and hope. Ron aniello produced the album with Springsteen and plays bass, keyboard, and other instruments. This collection of songs takes his music to a new place, drawing inspiration in part from the Southern California pop records of the late '60s and early '70s.

Patti scialfa provides vocals and contributes vocal arrangements on four tracks. Rosanne cash- She Remembers Everything. Shrink-wrapped. Joni mitchell- joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. The album was recorded primarily at Springsteen's home studio in New Jersey, with additional recording in California and New York.

Western Stars - Patty griffin- Patty Griffin. This record is a return to my solo recordings featuring character driven songs and sweeping, cinematic orchestral arrangements, " says Springsteen. Shrink-wrapped. Western stars is the new album from Bruce Springsteen, and his first new studio album in five years. Shrink-wrapped.

Bruce springsteen's recording career spans over 40 years, beginning with 1973's Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ.